Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rab ne bana di jodi-- Review

Call it serendipity or chutiyapa finally I have decoded Rab na bana di Jodi. You can go with anyone but I will go with former. I remember I watched this disastrous movie while I was enjoying my 3rd sem holidays in Gorakhpur. The film proved futile in many ways like SRK had to flirt with his own ‘wife’ and perhaps critics told ‘’yashji’’ at his best (LOL) and at last but far from least, girls starting riding bikes! Matlab larki bhi patao aur bike bhi do chalane ke liye, aur to aur giri to dawa bhi karwao. The film was in no way beneficial for male. 

The story goes like this, SRK (he is an engg) had an arrange marriage with Anushka. I don’t know why Bollywood has so many problems with arrange marriages. Anyway moving forward Ansuhka had certain apprehension towards SRK. SRK like a tharki man did everything to seduce her but all in vain then suddenly SRK gets a Mintos idea and concludes that he will change his looks which may attract Anushka. Anushka does fell in love but now considers the ‘’new SRK’’ as some other person! This implies that she was a dumbass or perhaps the viewers were dumbass!

 The film was a trap to people like me who went to watch it by looking at its trailers. It said it is about those people who don’t know how to approach a girl. I thought that I will act as Eklavya and the film will be my guru, latest by next year I will flaunt my girl-friend! Till today I regret my 250 bhartiya rupiya that I spent on this useless movie. I want my money back! Since Anushka was maal I will can settle with INR 200.00
Cutting the crap, I think the movie should have been under the category of romantic-comedy or a medical movie depicting split-personality.  In what universe will you believe that wife will not recognize her husband if he removes his moustache and starts wearing skin tight jeans? Hence, movie became an utterly nonsensical crap. It was a complete contempt to one’s aptitude and thinking capabilities.

In case of romantic- comedy the movie could have ended by Anushka saying ‘’buzzinga’’ to SRK and laughing out loudly saying u ass I knew from the beginning that you were doing all this crap to impress me!

The movie could have been in the league of ‘’tare zameen par’’ had it dealt with the problem of split personality. The theme was perfect; story line could have been same except in the end showing a social message that even people with split personality can be a good hubby!