Sunday, June 9, 2013

Praying or getting preyed?

We pray. We curse ourselves. We curse karm. We die. Some die in hope of rebirth. Some hope for salvation. Some just want to escape hell. The stories go on and different section of people hopes to attain different goal. Each considers their path superior to other.

Almost all of us have been indoctrinated about these stories from the very childhood. We are ask to avoid any wrong doing and asked to seek the blessings of almighty. These stories are analogous to how a mother feeds her one year old child by making false promises.

The greatest lie in the world is RELIGION. I stopped praying because I felt that I had the luxury to go to temple but what about the poorest of the poor people who don’t have the ‘’right’’ to enter temple? If god listen my prayer and avoids the poor fellows because he could not pray then, is it justice?
Since my childhood I have been staunch votary of democracy. But religion has all the ingredients to destroy democracy. The most important ingredient of religion is ‘blasphemy’. It is like a veto. It simply means you cannot question the authority on the contrary democracy has freedom of speech and expression as sine qua non.

Each faith has its own god. Have you ever thought why there is never a clash between different gods? How do they decide who is the supreme god? If they don’t decide then there is chaos and if all religion leads to one god then there is anarchy. It means a single person is in overall command of the universe. Simple economics suggests that monopoly is bad for consumers, it recede innovation and hence customer satisfaction will be reduced. We being the customer of god we should in fact protest against the monopolistic attitude of god. Please let there be free and fair competition for the position of god !

We all inquire a lot about new drug and in some cases even avoid taking it. We suddenly become very rational while judging the drug but why do we lose the same rationality while going to fortune teller? How can a piece of stone upturn my work/life? Einstein was wrong regarding quantum physics. He had a wrong perception in the field of quantum physics, scientist have proved it using various experiments. He gracefully accepted it and we all have great respect for him for all his contribution in the field of science. Can we question the wrong portions of religious texts? Will the priest be graceful enough to accept it and correct it? The answer is hell no.

I have always believed god can be defined as one of the favourable solution of probability. Let me illustrate it. I am playing dice, if I get 6 I will say ‘x’ amount of money. We start praying to god, ‘’Oh god! Please bring 6’’. The probability of getting 6 is 1/6. If we win then we start thanking god. Take any case and apply probability you will be able to define god ! The whole question of god starts appearing in situations of uncertainty eg: to make sure that examination paper is simple! We never pray to god while adding 2+3 because we know the ‘’definite’’ answer, no uncertainty looms over here. God can also be explained in terms of filling the void. The moment we our ancestor could not answer anything the void was filled by god.
In modern world as more and more voids of looming uncertainty is filled by science the number of infidels is increasing. The life of religious people is very simple as they leave every difficult situation on ‘’almighty’’. In today’s world religion is being survived in the name of ‘’tradition’’ to be followed. No matter what you believe but since it is tradition you being forced to follow it.

Humanity has progressed in the last few centuries only because our great scientists were able to break the shackles of religious irrationality. So now you can compare what religion has given to mankind in last few thousand year and what science has given in just a couple of centuries!