Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why do God love atheist people?

The caption is a bit weird. I mean, why would God need an atheist? Well the answer lies in management! For those who are non- believers, lets assume that there is God and he infallible, almighty, Lord of the Lord, King of the Kings, he doesn’t have any known shape (or if you believe in shape you are free to believe), omnipresent and omnipotent. As for monotheist and polytheist knows that God is present there so need not to assume anything. Now the question arises why would God need atheist?

Well since God is the manager of the universe so he/she/it has to deal with people’s aspiration. Now the aspiration is infinite. Since God is omnipotent we pray to him/her/it to get our wishes fulfilled. But why God does not answer all our prayers? Since God has infinite resource he/she/it should fulfill all the aspirations of the people! It means God’s resource is limited not unlimited or you can argue that he wants to maintain the value of the resource so that is why God creates competition and listen to only some of the prayers! Nevertheless in both the case we find that resource is scarce!

So now lets assume that due to scarce resource God listens to only few or say some prayers. Okay, no problem. But still there is no role for an atheist, right? Here , I would negate. Now read carefully and try to comprehend this, since resource is scarce more and more people are chasing it there is ‘’Praying inflation’’  which simply means you have to ‘pray’ more for even mere request.. It means there is more competition for limited resource! So, how to reduce this inflation? Either by supplying more resource or reducing the ‘’Praying Competition’’.

Since supply side is not in our hand and even God is not interested in supplying more we can have to reduce Praying Competition! God does not have any rival nor any competitor (We assume all religion is one) so in other words there is a monopoly! Since population is increasing so only way to reduce praying competition is to ask people not pray or make them atheist ! So an atheist can reduce praying competition. So love atheist people! So God loves atheist as much as you so that you can pray less. God loves you!

This paragraph is only for non-believers. As we have seen in our assumption that God is omnipotent. But what we find is that God too has limited resource! So why to pray God? Better be like Einstein and embrace the nature. By doing so you will help your theist friends in reducing ‘’Praying Inflation’’!


  1. A good food for thought, I like usage of terminologies " praying inflation" and " Praying Competition".

    By the way, are you lately been doing a part time MBA?

  2. good, the presence of atheist decreases the no. of prayers in a given of time..right? praying inflation has two components . one spatial and other temporal. atheist can reduce spatial ( means a given time) component as mentioned earlier but temporal component , means vigrous praying by anatheist and praying for longer duration with different methodologies can still bang the head of god...... antheist is a DISTRACTION set up by the god for anatheist to test their praying an atheist is a control for better customer supply to god to help him utelise his LIMITED resources