Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another Indian

With every Indian achieving success in foreign is a tight slap on Indian government which fails to provide adequate atmosphere to flourish there talent. We feel too much proud in saying that so and so is a scientist of Indian origin or is a CEO of an MNC. Nobel laureate Ramakrishnan after winning Nobel prize got many calls from Indian media and Indians. He said, ‘’ We are all human beings, and our nationality is simply an accident of birth’’.

We should understand the pain in his statement. It is not that he never wanted to work for India it was the system, the attitude that pushed him to that statement. We have this ‘’MAI - BAAP’’ attitude. If the British wanted to be seen themselves as ‘’Mai Baap’’ has some logic in it. After all they were not in India to play ‘gilli-danda’. But after independence our government adopted the same system of “Mai- Baap’’.  The government was there to decide how much cement you will use in your house to how many cars or scooters the private players or PSU will make ! The government was there to sell bread (Modern bread was PSU) and even shaving blades! In some cities the government even had cinema halls.  Yeah correct equality and blah blah. But what it resulted into?

 It became the fodder for crony capitalism. It created speculation. People made through luck not through ‘’RESEARCH” . Hence, even the so called big corporates houses still run the ‘mom and pop store’. Pathak’s son will lead Pathak enterprise (that to public listed) ! In the name of socialism all the political parties have fooled the public. When we have individual freedom with minimum restriction then we can expect a drastic change. It means individual freedom is an asymptote to absolute freedom! Socialism and communism are meant to curb individual freedom. Having said that I know skeptics will raise alarm on capitalism so I ll go with a better term say asymptote to capitalism!  

The sole business of government should be minimum business that to restricted to pure public good ( like road, dams, vaccines, educational institution etc).

Anyway the sole purpose of writing this piece was to express the displeasure over the pompous feeling of Indians becoming CEO of big corporation. Remember whenever Indian reaches height at abroad it is the right time to introspect our system. From Hargobind Khorana to Subrahmanyan Chandrashekhar to all those countless people who migrated to other country, everybody has silently to through indication has raised these issue. Lets remember them and correct ourselves or else it will be too late.