Friday, May 16, 2014

The Communal Nonsense

When we say unity in diversity it is not empty rhetoric. If you travel across India you will be amazed by diversity. I ve not been to foreign country but based on what I ve read and documentaries I have seen the diversity is unmatched. Lets take example of our beloved neighbour Pakistan ( :P ), they could not accept the diversity in spite of being formed on religious line. As a result, a new country Bangladesh was formed. From language to religion India is unique.

Perhaps the purpose of this piece is not to discuss history rather look at contemporary political scenario in India and how few people try to create the divide. Though I endorse atheism yet to make my theist fellow readers I can swear that our framers of constitution were very much secular and perhaps based on my till date reading and understanding, at the time of writing our constitution ours was one of the best and most modern. We owe a lot to our fellow brothers in France and US for their beautiful constitution. When most of Kings in 1700 were busy in their mundane activities the foundation of modern world was being laid in US FRANCE AND UK. The cry for democracy in France is the cornerstone in world history. Lets fast forward it and come to 1885 when INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS was formed. DON’T GET CONFUSED IT WITH PRESENT DAY CONGRESS BECAUSE THIS CONGRESS IS CONGRESS (I) i.e CONGRESS (INDIRA) formed after various divisions in 1970s.

The INC of 1885 was one of the very very important key in national integration. People from all walks of life joined it to fight against British, Kings and zamindars. Coming back to 1950 when India framed its constitution it was one of the very few countries in the world which gave universal suffrage to both the genders. In Switzerland women got voting rights only in 1971 !!! If kings were considered God then our modern God should be the framers of our constitution. I can bet even the most communal person on earth after sitting in PMO will not be able to do any wrong because of the nitty –gritty of our constitution. Having said that I don’t mean Modi is communal.

Narendra Modi is perhaps the most witch- hunted politician in our media. Who knows if media would not have done so much witch hunting Modi might be called to a successful CM like Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Raman Singh Naveen Patnaik and others. Even negative publicity is publicity! For every election media held the public responsible saying that they are communal as if people wanted to kill each other! I have travelled to nearly 22 states in India from north to south to east to west. I really couldn’t find blood thirsty Indian. They are singing the same song today. Again media is saying that election is ‘’polarised’’ i.e people are voting on religion lines! People have not voted to Modi because of his religion but for a bright future. They thought that he can get them prosperity. How much public will prosper only time will tell but for god’s shake stop telling people that those who said ayes to Modi are communal. With the beginning of Social Media now editors are facing stiff competition as nobody is buying their shits. Please come out of your comfort zone and travel to different parts you will understand religion, language takes a back seat when people want to improve their life. Lalu Yadav is unhappy and calling the election as polarised because he could not fool the people by saying, ‘’ hey, those people will kill all the minority’’. Lalu to Mulayam to Rahul everybody felt so!
Barring BJP, JDU, CPM and newcomer AAP none of the other party are democratic. All other run a mom and pop store and their source of inspiration is congress. Congress has no respect for those who descend the Gandhi family. During emergency I.K Gujaral was information and broadcasting minister, Indira Gandhi (PM) reprimanded him as he didn’t bend the rules to peep into what Doordashan was showing unbiased news against the atrocities of emergency. She immediately replaced him with a boot licker. Compare this with today when DD News censored an opposition PM candidate’s interview!  

Congress has long history of boot licking sycophancy. The real reform hero PVN Rao was denied all the praises as he was not those boot lickers. Even Pranav Da was not the first choice to be President as he is not ‘’Yes Mam’’ person.

It high time that India stops appraising these “Mom and Pop’’ party. These parties will do everything to make you afraid of democratic parties. They will rule as long as illiteracy and poverty prevails.