Saturday, January 16, 2010

what is OSL????

The journey began long ago. Now plz don’t go too much in flash back, by long ago I meant when Aamir Khan was farmer in Bhuj (in lagaan), Sunny Deol was shouting “Hindustan zindabad tha hai aur rahega” and bebo was new in film industry. Hope u got the era. I was in 6- 7 std at that time. Since that very tender age I started appreciating beauty (only female) and till this date I have never looked back.
During this past one decade I have done my masters in One Sided LOVE (OSL). Well it’s a very difficult subject and very few are forced to QUALIFY to opt it. I won’t name them but many of my college friends have secretly studied it. Perhaps looking at the present scenario we may be compelled to do PhD also. Nonetheless, we’ll try hard to disqualify the exam.
Well believe it or not One Sided Love or OSL is very efficient. It is because of OSL that recession didn’t affect us. In OSL there is no rona dhona during break up because it’s a closed loop, another girl waiting in queue occupy that position.
Some people call it “tharakpana”, which sounds slang so I use “nayan suckh prapti” which in turn sounds more decent and mature.
Regarding the level of secrecy it is more than what CIA or FBI maintains. The girl never knows that she is my crush. This helps in having multiple girl friends. However, there is possibility that the girl in the meantime makes bf. But don’t worry u can still dine with her at some offset (may be few sits away).
Everyone in his life time would have experienced OSL. First time I experienced OSL in 7th std then in 10th. In college, I ve been experiencing it since my very 1st day. Frankly speaking even today I felt osl.
Having OSL is not like being a ‘kati patang’ rather it means u are dark horse which will one day succeed nevertheless no one knows when that day will come. But be sanguine and say “aal izz well”.
Technically speaking due to less number of female someone has to opt OSL. Its just like everybody cant get good college.
Guys in there late teen age and early twenties are constantly under suspicion and are persistently bombarded with questions like “do u have gf?”. If answer is in negation then be ready for the second fire “larkion ko dekhte hi ho gay” (the word gay is in hindi don’t take it otherwise).
Well it becomes very thorny to answer such cliché when it is asked by your relative. If u say yes then they start teasing u and if u negate then they say that u are lying which become more prominent if u are doing mechanical engineering.