Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the bone of contention

It was July of 2007 when my fate was locked in the PC of IIT guwahati and I was asked to enjoy the most beautiful phase of life, college life. Perhaps the recent orgy of Deans and warden has eclipsed the enjoyment of this very beautiful phase of life.
The vendetta of college and media accounted in the rustication of students. The college should not forget that they have not only punished the students rather they have spoiled entire generation. They have plucked a flower which was yet to be mature.
They have taken away the bread from mouth. I must confess that i m very selfish in writing in this blog coz my friend is expelled. In this condition it becomes very difficult to console your friend coz u cant utter a single word. U cant even say ‘its ok’.
Lets hope that time will heal their wound and hopefully they will fulfil their parents dream….