Monday, February 22, 2010


India is deeply and madly in love with Pakistan. Yet India feels that Paki is flirting as usual and this time too pak is not serious about their RELATIONSHIP. Actually pak has a very long history of flirting with her neighbour. Like a very experienced player pak coquettishly proposed India even though India down turned the proposal on several occasion.
Actually India has OSL (one sided love) towards China (hindi – chini bhai bhai) but it didn’t turn into a relationship. Like in any engineering college if a guy/gal keeps on proposing the opposite sex (NOT same sex!!!) definitely the person will accept the proposal (mostly mech wale!!). Well this is the reason we don’t find a good pair in college!!!
Analogous to this can be seen in India – Pak relationship. Even though Pak is not beautiful India like any next door frustu decided to go on a ‘date’ (foreign secretary meet) ignoring its illicit relationship with terrorist.
Most of the bollywood’s great protagonist and even our former PMs were also from Pak (erstwhile India). How can we forget that Musharf is from Delhi and his love for India (sadly he loves only J& K!!) Moreover the creator of Pak was born in India!!
USA is in living relationship with pak even though it has permanent gf (UK). Truly reflecting their culture!!
Even on economic front pak loves India. It uses many Indian products. Albeit their love for bollywood is well known!! They send armed men to Mumbai to become actor!! U ll say what the fuck is this. But Kasab in his statement told that he came to Mumbai to become protagonist!! Actually he was trying to be na├»ve by shooting with guns he didn’t know that in bollywood shooting is done by camera! Poor chap.
Nevertheless the way he changes his statement I can say that he can beat any bollywood actor, so Khan’s beware ur stardom may not last long!!!
I think India should show some more love and affection towards Pakistan and Manmohan Singh should make sure that pak is good in English or else next time we won’t tolerate if any paki says that he misunderstood the word “shooting”.
Abraham Lincon once said, “U can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time but u cannot fool all the people all the time”
Hope message is clear….