Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sayonara SVNIT

Its my last blog from my alma mater. From 17 july to 2007 to 17 may may 2011 things have changed drastically. I came to SVNIT with just a piece of letter to approve my admission but I m leaving with lots of splendid memory. I came from a small place with some simple notion but I m moving out with a dream, an aspiration to do something. My cinematic journey started with “Partner” and ended with “Dum maro dum” (I saw the movie just 2 days back, so don’t think for the last few weeks I didn’t watch any movie :-P)
From planchit to getting caught by police for travelling late at night, I had a very dramatic experience in different spectrums of college life.
With the dusk of college life comes the dawn of professional life where jeans and tee are replaced black trouser and blazer. No late night awakening buddy. Nevertheless after college we will start respecting holidays.

I ll not miss raju bhai’s tea.
I ll not miss canteen and my department.
I ll not miss walking with friends from hostel to department.
I ll not miss those proxy and late entry into class.
I ll not miss the bonding of 684 (Vishrut), 685(Vivek) and 686 (me).
I ll not miss my room partner who has been my rumy for past 2 years and very good buddy since first year.
I ll not miss zaidie and sheetal shouting at akash sayin “aaaaaakaaaaash”.
I ll not miss chamunda and now our new destination, tea stall at highway.
I ll not miss gaurav asking me to have “bade mia” at valentine.
I ll not miss my water kingdom trip with sreejan.
I ll not miss my back bench partners Mayank yadu and fauji and my drawing competition with Sid shah. (Finally I proved buddy that I can draw better mouse than u  ).
I ll not miss Maulik Patel planning his studies every now n then!
I ll not miss Goa trip.
I ll not miss my treat with u in subway and pizza hut. 
I ll not miss the pj that we cracked (gagan: remember chakraview :D )
I ll not miss vishrut’s bike ride that we used to do before entering the class.
I ll not miss pranav da trying different “social networking” sites! ;)
I ll not miss playing “kapda phad” holi. 
I ll not miss Khushraj gaurav Sheetal vishrut and all of us going 30 km from SVNIT to have tea at night!

I ll not miss any of this things coz I live these things everyday. May be I m trying to be strong by saying that I ll not miss. but deep inside my heart I ll always cherish these memories. In our life we come across many people but few make dent in our universe. These are those people who made dent in my universe.
It is not possible to meet all the people whom I met in college. There are lots of memories and its difficult to pen it down in one page.


  1. Man....kimam reh gaya... ;-)
    Have a nice life....with all your dreams come true....

  2. dude ..after getting inspiration from u ..even i had created my account on blooger .com..but still waiting to write something ...different thought are trying to comeout from my mind ..but i need ur help...