Wednesday, January 13, 2010

baba ranchodas....

"chase excellence and success will follow"-- baba Ranchoddas
3 idiots has resurfaced a very serious yet abandoned issue of loop holes in our education system. Through out school days we were taught how to score marks rather than how to comprehend the subject. This lethal flaw has pushed us in the corner of the dark room where ray of knowledge hardly enters. Only one target was given to us, to finish the syllabus. The foundation of this type of suicidal education system was laid in British India. There sole motive was to destroy our understanding based education system.
When I was in 12th std I thought that college would be different. But I was yet again proved wrong. Frankly speaking to a certain extend we are also responsible. We run behind marks, grade or whatever it is rather than knowledge. But dear it’s a race where we have to run fast.
Its time to change our perception towards studies at the same time the format of teaching should be changed and it should be made knowledge oriented rather than marks. Hats off to Aamir Khan for making yet another entertaining as well as social movie which will hopefully change teachers’ way of teaching.