Thursday, May 5, 2011

Er. to err...

Back in 2007 when Adam Gilchrist was brutal on Sri lankan bowlers (world cup final match and next day we had AIEEE) at that time we were preparing for our battle to be in the 2nd tier engineering college. So finally after completing all the formalities we entered into an institute of national importance. Well my father told me that its difficult to enter a good college but its very easy to survive. One really has to work very hard to fail in exam and if you are trying to stay back in the same year for any reason may be for gf or your love for that particular ‘year’ then it becomes even more difficult because in that case one has to work harder than the topper to get a year back.
Well my first encounter with “real cramming” engineering was with “engineering physics”. Yes don’t go by its name you may be fooled.

Apparently, I became cautious whenever “engineering” word was attached with a subject. Slowly and steadily I came to understand the art of “one night selective study”. This eventually became a torch bearer in my entire four years of “managing” engineering attitude. I came to know how to tackle the “moh maya” of marks and started appreciating LAN gaming. Our life line became college canteen and hooting at girls passing through Mechanical Dept. The transition from books to ebooks in our case was the fountainhead for becoming online on orkut and now fb 24X7 even during exams. (I m having my last exam 2moro I m writing this blog  )
Friends became our family and their Girl- friends our extended family member.

Nevertheless down the line when I was in 12th std I had different perception for engineers. After taking mechanical engineering I thought at the end of the four years I ll be more of a practical engineer than the bookish engineer. Well I ll say I along with many others have failed to do so. But still some people have succeeded in becoming more practical engineer. So I can say that I it was somewhere my fault and my lack of strong will in becoming so. But actually the cramming portion killed that attitude.

By making the subjects more practical oriented and the liberty to choose interesting subjects it can be made more attention-grabbing.
oDoing engineering is better than to be an engineer... 2morw i ll be Er. Viral Pathak bt dear the path to reach the destination was much more eventful n glorious thn d destination itself.

Consequently becoming an Engineer (Er.) with little engineering knowledge is err…