Sunday, March 20, 2011

Holi beyond holiday!

Believe it or not holi is beyond the festival of colour. The probability of a girl touching your cheek increases drastically even though there exist an uncertainty regarding the velocity of her hand. If her hand is accelerating then man you messed up. In such situation get mingled in crowd as if nothing has happened. You can even start laughing pointing at someone and telling others that he is looking weird. Here lies the beauty of holi everyone laughs at other people with myth that he is still handsome than the other person. The analogy can be drawn in other situation such as when two thin people meet they try to over power each other. The thinner guy will take the initiative and will definitely try to press the other guys hand while shaking hand, just to know who is superior. Its human psychology cant help.
Optimism is the sole thing that has made mechanical guys and all other single guys alive in college. so what if her hand accelerates and then decelerate suddenly. It means you got the jack pot. At that time poke your immediate friend and make him eye witness of the most happening moment of your life i.e. a girl putting ‘gulal’ on your face. Hold your horses dude don’t get over excited it may probably be the outcome of bhang. Just pinch yourself once. Now rub your hand once and make sure that your hand is no rougher, thereafter put your hand on her gentle face in a humanitarian way put gulal on her face. Be careful mate you may be driven by “some” hormones nevertheless don’t get trapped because it may ruin your life time opportunity! Such hormones are useful for our race but not during interaction.
The best thing about holi is that there is no economic division. Even if you are a very rich man your dress will be coloured and in some cases may be even torn. People will not be able to distinguish who is fairer. There is no rich or poor during holi. Even if you want to spend lots of money and show off to other people you will fail miserably because after playing holi nobody will be able to identify you. In my opnion it is the true secular festival.

Jai shree Krishna