Friday, February 18, 2011

Egypt's valentine gift

Egyptian cant get a better valentine’s day gift by ending an era of dictatorship. After watching videos of Egyptian ecstasy by over throwing the tyranny Mubarak they have indirectly sparked a ray of hope in different parts of the world, specially the Arab world, where democracy is unfortunately not common man’s cup of tea. Egypt has always been the cynosure for human evolution and so are they now.

The beauty of the upheaval lies in its non violent nature. The people of Egypt are now source of inspiration for millions of people living in different part of the world. In fact this revolution will be treated as bench mark in achieving democracy in 21st century.
In previous century the foremost intention of the people of any country was to over throw the colonial ruler. Nevertheless in many countries some people took the opportunity and became dictator.

Well I guess 21st century will see a new tryst with destiny where people will have to fight there own ruler, who were once hero but now have become myopic and have consistently mocked the democratic rights of common man. Like the French and Russian revolution have inspired our own freedom struggle Egyptian uproar can be the new bonding saga to bring democratic reforms in India.

After looking at our neighbouring countries I always say to myself “thank god I m born in India”. Development cant be uni-dimensional by only incorporating GDP. We have to look at the liberty of the citizen of the country.