Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Celibacy and OSL together, what?

‘I was thinking’ is a very popular euphemism for ‘I was free and there was no damn work for me’. Well going with the tradition I would say ‘I was thinking’ on OSL (One Sided Love) induced celibacy rather moving a step ahead I would add that OSL is forced celibacy.
Forced celibacy causes mere adrenaline rush whenever u happen to see your so called ‘partner’. Sadly the other hormones which otherwise would have taken the front sit (it’s a 9th std bio u can guess dude) and drove you through the zenith of excitement remains absent. Even the ephemeral gaze of her makes our day even though we know that it was not for us.
Forced celibacy gives birth to resentment towards those having a happy love life, which in turn may lead to form an assemblage which disperses such love birds. There are many more benefits of being an OSLwalla you remain the apple of your mother’s eye as she thinks that you are celibate and you don’t have any girl friend even though her snap moves with lightening speed the moment mom says about this. The most embarrassing moment comes when this is explained in front of oldies and other people who have nothing to do in this regard except to poke our parents and raise their suspicion.
The bulging out eyes of every person starts monitoring our action and there cruel eyes starts demanding answer from us. It seems as if they are the interrogators; no less than FBI or CIA though we know there level is below UP police and start gaping as if we are the perpetrator of 26/11. Nevertheless we do give patented reply with our eye brows raised and with a sinister smile of course with eyes wide and open saying “no its not correct I m celibate”. This reply spoils there jaw dropping reaction which otherwise would have been if we tell the truth.
Nevertheless this stupid conversation does make them chuckle which really till today I couldn’t figure it out what is so funny in it. If you happen to receive a text message at that point of time then there suspicion reaches ninth cloud and they do have an adrenaline rush at that point of time which sadly becomes damp the moment you say its company’s message no matter whether they buy it or not.
So its not like always the Both Sided Love faces problem in life. No its not correct, being an OSL is equally exciting. LONG LIVE OSL!!!
:) :)