Friday, November 26, 2010


The Politicians of India

Date: black day in the history of independent India

Subject: I ll screw you.

The speediest trial in India is provided to lone surviving terrorist of 26/11. Well the irony is that it has been two years and he is still enjoying his high profile security in Arthar road jail instead of being publicly hanged. I don’t know whether to laugh at you or spit on your face; if this is the speedy trial then what the hell do you call normal trial?
My agony doesn’t end here. I have been hearing your statement since past two years that Pakistan is not booking the perpetrators of 26/11. I agree and that is true. Now presume for an instance that Pakistan hand over all the perpetrators to India. What the hell will you be able to do??? You will feed them like pigs in the jail. I may sound incongruous nevertheless it’s the reality. If I m wrong then tell me what have you done to the conspirators of parliament attack; Nothing. Even though the supreme court of India has sentenced them to be hanged till death, still you haven’t acted.
I can guarantee you that even if Pakistan hands over the entire terrorist you will not be able to punish a single terrorist.
But don’t fail to remember that we are democratic country if we can give you lavishing red light vehicle then we can also screw you in more number of ways then you can think of.
At last but far from least, instead of spending huge money on “kasab’s” security just spend a few bucks on dvd and watch “a Wednesday” and “Munich”. After this you will categorically recognize the tensile limit of common man and a country respectively.

Yours bad luck