Friday, April 9, 2010

OSL-2 (tere naina...)

Your eye is the door of your heart. Whenever I see in your eyes I never think of any place in your heart since I have OSL (one sided love). People having OSL never envisage about their love being reciprocated.
I have always taken shelter in your clandestine look which I know was not for me nevertheless, it was enough for any OSLwalla to have reverie. I kept on saying my self that ephemeral look was exclusively for me. I summoned my brain to stop being pragmatic and release all those silly hormones which make people emotional (don’t think of testosterone!!!). Never mind I was standing behind your friend and u had a glance at your pal. One thing I wanna confess people having OSL are damn optimistic.
Optimism always disdains failure. Well now I realize that it was the reason which was causing troubles to understand the concept of “Theory of Failure”. But dear I m not blaming u.
Well I think u ll all agree with me when on earth a guy compares himself with his virtual lover’s bf he ends up giving more points to himself and wrap up by saying “aree yaar uske pass bas ek approach karne wale quality hai nahi to aaj hum uski jagah hote!!!”. It’s a universal saying so how can I refrain myself!!
I never thought in my wildest dream to be your bf coz if I am your bf we may wrangle and due to that I may stop loving you which I don’t want. As you know OSL are never single, if I have a break up with u then other gals in queue will take your position. U are lucky to have a person having OSL towards u. If u think that we are secret admirer then I would negate. If say we are psychic lover then definitely I would protest as well as negate in strong words. We r just One Sided Lover, a merry One Sided Lover (OSL).
Sometimes my hard-headed brain takes the front seat and stops all those idiotic emotional hormones in turn releases testosterone n says
“When i see u with ur bf i say to myself, ‘good couple’, but dear we could have been the 'best' couple"  ;)