Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Be diligent

Till yesterday I took life very casually. I always undermined the saying that life is unpredictable; you don’t know what will happen next moment.
But out of the blue everything changed. What I heard I couldn’t believe! Yet I ll tell u crux of the story is that whenever u endeavour any precarious activity please do remember your parents. God forbidden, if anything appalling happen then what will happen to them.
She taught u how to crawl, how to laugh, how to walk, how to write, how to express yourself. She was behind u when you toddled. She was more concerned about u than anybody else when u first crossed the road. Her eyes captivated u even when u were in a mob. Don’t forget your first day in school albeit everyone wore the same dress yet she recognized u when u were searching her eyes. For your every bad singing or dancing she was always there telling that u performed well. She was always ready with your favourite food when u came from school. She always prayed for your safety. Even if she is an atheist she worshiped for your sound health. At the end of the day her happiest moment is to hear your voice so that she can ensure that u are safe.
Only thing she wants is your happiness n be safe & sound. That’s it.
This post may not seem meaningful to u. but believe me if u see a yelling mother for her child who couldn’t live long u will understand my vicarious “post”. It is the worst thing that any mom can go through.