Thursday, December 27, 2012

From elite to being elitist

When we transform form elite to being elitist we create lot of commotion and perhaps sow the seed of discontent. Nevertheless the sprouting of seed of discontent solely depends upon the longevity of the elitist culture. The problem with elitist is that they didn't connect the dot. The famous speech of Steve Jobs in Standford in which he said that we cannot connect the dot moving forward we have to look backward to connect the dot. Let me start with an example to explain it.
Our politicians are the product of our society. Many of them work hard to reach at the top. Even to deceive people they have to work hard. Most of our present parliamentarian were ‘’aam admi’’ once upon a time. But after reaching the top they started maintaining one arm’s length with aam admi. Here they didn’t connect the ‘’dot’’. Latest example is our President, when people were protesting outside Rashtrapati Bhavan, in spite of spending four decades in politics Pranav da didn’t bother to come out and address the people, had there been Abdul Kalam surely he would have come. Here again our President transformed from elite to being elitist. Same is the case with our PM.
People study hard to join bureaucracy but again after going to top they sadly never connect the dot. There may be sometimes peer pressure or may be self-motivated to not to connect the dot. Peer pressure may have been developed by the society. Let me give an example. Marketing strategies have been very profound in shaping the society. Have ever thought why pink is for women and black for men? Few days back the Santa Claus that we were cheering; in its present form is also the result of marketing done by companies in 19th century. And how can you forget that ‘’pulsar is definitely male’’ and SX4 is ‘’men are back’’.
In our companies where we work, the top officials somewhere in distant past joined like us and are now heading the company. They too were like us nevertheless after reaching top position they too don’t connect the dot. They never visit the working area to boost up the moral of the workers. Long back I studied in book called ‘’How Toyota became world no1’’ that the top brass of Toyota in US made sure that their cars are parked in such a way that they have to walk through the entire assembly line to reach their office. This proved effective for the company.
The point is that today the top brass of our politician and bureaucracy have stopped interacting with common people and are unfortunately only comfortable with their courtiers. The longevity of elitist culture has already sprouted the seed of discontent. The same is the case with some companies also.