Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ailaa no more ODI

All of a sudden on Sunday morning people came to know that there much-loved Sportsman has decided to retire from ODI. Messages started pouring in through emails fb status, tweets etc about his legacy. For some he was (only to depict his retirement) GOD, for others a wonderful batsman and a perfect gentleman.
People of my age will remember that Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Very Very Special Laxman and Saurav dada were more than cricketer to our generation. They inspired us. They were not like our present day cricketers who are more in lime light because of their mischievous acts. I remember watching Harsha Bhogle talking about Sachin. If you haven’t watched it than watch it today I wont write further about his speech.
Sachin is Sachin not because he is GOD but because he worked very hard to be there. We all know what happened to Vinod Kambli’s career. Kambli was talented but like Saurav he could not over come his shortcomings. So it is not the talent that counts, it your attitude, its your way of looking at the problem. This is the reason that no problem ever stopped Sachin from coming back, not even his tennis elbow surgery.
Gods are beyond scrutiny. This is what our fore fathers did with the people of their time and today we read about them in mythology. We don’t question there mistakes and shortcomings. Lets not make Sachin God, let him be human, a very hard working and a focused person whose first love was cricket. The moment you make him God, people may start praying him and somewhere his attitude towards game and all the other stuffs will be lost. He is successful only because of his attitude towards his profession.
I am sure generations to come will be envy us for having seen him playing.