Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Status quo challenged

It’s been a very long time since I have written a blog, I usually write when I usually don’t find such views written or appreciated widely. Since my last blog many things has happened from surgical strike to demonetisation to Dhoni’s retirement and so on and so forth. Our country is changing very rapidly; this makes me remember my college days. I joined NIT Surat in 2007. By the time I passed out in 2011 the college was going through a facelift. I was fortunate enough to see the REC era infra as well as the new infra. Perhaps, our generation is lucky enough to have seen the DD1 era as well as the cable TV era. From ‘humara bajaj’ to new age KTM or RE bikes we have seen a lot. We can compare and contrast the change. We have seen how our parents after working for more than a decade or two were in a position to buy their first car, contrast this with our generation capable of buying a car within four to five years. From ‘Rangoli’ (DD National program) to MTV to modern day Youtube we have seen the transition and can feel it.

I have always written how our economic policies pre 1991 were responsible for backwardness. The biggest crime is to keep people poor through the government policies. Communist are hands down champion in it. But things are changing lately. Elitism is falling apart. Inefficiency is now more the status quo. The steady state is disturbed. It is clearly written on the wall that from now small town will give you enough competition. There was a time when more than five players from Indian cricket team used to be from Mumbai, then came a guy from a small town and went to become the captain of Indian cricket team! Narendra Modi was opposed both within the party and of course from ‘lutyens delhi’. He went to win a historical general election. This unprecedented victory put the last nail in the coffin of ‘dynasty politics’ and ‘elite of lutyens delhi’. With no family background of politics and having been worked away from Delhi, Narendra Modi was unfit to become the PM as per the definition of ‘lutyens delhi’.

A rebel against the media was slowly working against the elite of Delhi’s bazaru media. A person from Assam was giving a tough fight to the thick skinned English journalist with high profile connections. Arnab Goswami has changed the face of English media with his new channel. We need not agree with all his views but he has certainly forced other channels to change the narrative make them more aligned with the national interest. With recently released TRP rating his channel was ranked as the most viewed English news channel in India. Arnab Goswami also represents that national news channel is not the sole proprietary of select few from north India rather it can be taken over by anybody from any part of India. The tectonic shift in news base from Delhi to Mumbai has already recorded a heavy earthquake in the field of news media. If he can start reporting from remote parts of India it will be a giant leap forward in re-establishing faith in media.

Bahubali has done a remarkable work for the Indian film industry. It has broken the shackles of giant elephant called the Indian film industry. The elephant has woken up and is now slowly recognizing its potential. We have seen enough craps from Kapoors, Chopras and Johars. It has set a new bar that if your story is good then people will watch it in all languages. Compare the wonderful movie ‘Raanjhnaa’ with ‘Chennai Express’. Dhanus was splendid while SRK reached the nadir with such a rubbish movie. Bahubal√≠’s success is not mere monetary it represents the dissent against the dynasty culture in each and every sector. It represents the tectonic shift in elitists below average work which was taken for granted for acceptance.  The success of Dangal represents the aspiration of small towns and cities.

Today, Major Gogoi is treated as hero and whole nation stands for his action. Mr Gogoi ,a Son of small farmer from Assam represents all those young people from small cities who want to work hard and aspire to reach at top. People are no longer buying the leftist crap of luteyns Delhi.
The day internet became into being the exclusivity of select few came to be eclipsed. Today I can write what I feel and it can be read by anyone. Imagine few decades back people had to buy the crap of editorials written in newspaper. You and I could not disagree by writing a different opinion in the newspaper. But things have changed now, anyone can pen down their opinion now. Twitter came as a biggest boon for millions of people who disagreed with narrative presented in newspaper or on TV channels. Everyday thousands of people expose the hypocrisy of so called ‘neutral journalists’. No doubt journalists who enjoy an unparalleled freedom of speech want to curb the voices of dissidents on twitter!

Vijay Shekhar Sharma naam to suna hi hoga has changed the way we do transaction with his company, Paytm. Its written on the wall very clearly that dynasty culture and elitist culture of select few will change and it is changing. So enjoy you are living in a very different era!