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Communism and JNU


I was going to sleep, but… Yeah this ‘but’ factor is very dangerous. The word ‘but’ simply undermines all your previous statements. This single word is capable of ruining all your previous statements or thoughts. Well, I am not a philosopher so it is not my domain to discuss about ‘but’. So where was I? On but!! Yeah, but I opened twitter and read about this chap ‘Kanahiya Kumar’ !
Hum leke rahenge azadi, humein chahiye azadi! Yes I definitely need azadi from these communists, maoists, and terrorists! For the past many days I have been reading and listening a lot about JNU.

Let me start with a disclaimer that my hatred towards this institute dates back to 2010. At that time I read in newspaper that when CRPF jawans were martyred in Chhattisgarh leftist students from JNU celebrated it. At that time other student unions jointly condemned such acts of left student union. While chit chatting with friends I came to know that many of the people are unaware of the dangers of communism. Many people treat Kanahiya Kumar just like any other student. This is the biggest problem. These left students are the highly brain washed people. Even if you don’t find them raising slogans still they tacitly support such discourse.

 First lets take a brief tour of left history. There greatest leaders are Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro and others.  Lenin started using political murder as a tool to strengthen Bolshevik party’s regime in Russia after the 1917 Russian revolution. He killed lakhs of people who were against his party. Stalin killed more number of peoples than Hitler killed! Stalin’s daughter defected and become a naturalised citizen of US. Stalin successfully and neatly killed millions of people by sending them to Siberia! What is more surprising is that our first PM was very much influenced by USSR! Have you ever thought how come we have so much Russian influence on us? Indira Gandhi was very much influenced by the totalitarian regime of USSR. No wonder she imposed emergency. Yuri Bezmenov was a Russian KGB agent who came to India to establish Brauni oil refinery. He then defected and become a citizen of US. He in an interview has said how they unleashed socialism in India. They use to invite big poets, writers and media tycoons to USSR. There they were brain washed and send back to India. It’s a very good video, link is provided at the end of the blog. If you get time then do watch it.

Mao Zedong unleashed the lefts murderous regime in China. He too started with a revolution in 1949 and took absolute control over China. His policies caused the greatest famine in the history of modern world killing millions of people. His ‘’great leap forward’’ policy people die due to hunger. All this happened in the modern world in 1957! It is widely speculated that it is due to growing dissent against his regime that Mao decided to attack Korea and India. Till that megalomaniac was alive China was in darkness. After his death China unleashed many reforms and today it is leading economy in the world. Links will be provided at the end of the blog.

Cuba is small country near United States. Fidel Castro is the communist dictator of Cuba. He systematically destroyed the sugar industries of Cuba by nationalising it. He nationalised all the farms. As there was little incentive to work hard in farms people stopped working and gradually its sugar industries collapsed. Today it is running under high debt and living with the help of remittances that it receives from millions of people who migrated to US when Fidel took over.

One thing is common among all leftist discourse. They make you feel oppressed by so called the ruling class. The left ideology has failed world over. First the make use of freedom of expression to criticise you and when they attain power they will gag any opposing force. Communist party member can't criticize their government in China! And throughout the world wherever the communists have ruled only one party remains in power and that is theirs! There is no functional democracy in any of the communist ruling countries.

But again you might be thinking why I am writing about rest of the world. India is different! Well communist parties are divided by countries but united by thoughts! During 1962 Indo –Sino war the Communist Party of India (CPI) supported China! This is the same party whose student wing leader is Kanahiya Kumar! The communists have always maintained that India is many countries! They cant digest the present boundaries of India! That is many people who might not know the history of communist party may be surprised by the anti-national slogans and its support from left parties. JNU is the hot bed of communism in India. These slogans are not isolated incidents happening there. Afzal Guru’s death anniversary has been celebrated there as martyrdom since last three years! The highest number of political murders in India has taken place not under BJP or Congress but under left parties in West Bengal in 33years of there brutal rule! Now can you connect the dots? From Mao Zedong to Stalin all used political murders to establish their rule!

The Indian left parties are appeasing left parties. They are not truly atheists. One thing I find good in communism is they don’t allow religious fanatics to grow but they end up projecting themselves as God. None of the left parties in India demand Uniform Civil Code. None of them demands to end up polygamy in India. They don’t have the guts to speak like Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens. They cant call a spade a spade until and unless they are from particular religion. I too believe in atheism but I believe in course correction, in reasoning not in showing contempt towards people’s belief. This is the reason why atheism thrives in non-religious sense only in democratic and economically right countries. In communist countries they supress religion but end up making their leaders as new God. Same thing happened in China under Mao and in USSR under Lenin and Stalin.

The solution for JNU what I believe is to shut it down for a year and flush out those spreading communist agendas. I know it is very extremist step but it has to be done. It is tumour and not a cancer as it is confined only to its campus. In JNU both Profs and students are of the same mind-set. When I say prof and student I mean a considerable number of them. These people have contempt towards the history and culture of India. They are still living in the delusion of oppression. For them Indian Army is worst oppressor. The problem is these people end up writing shitty books and they get political awards like Sahitya Academy and others. These same bunch of idiots go and join NGOs that goes on protest on any developmental project that govt takes up in tribal areas. These same idiots join news channel and some become writers for leading newspaper which is a must read to clear civil services examination! The vicious cycle is so strong that any attempt made to break it will end inviting widespread protests. Just connect the dots with the recent events and you will understand what has happened.

Some students in JNU feel that Afzal Guru was not given fair trial. Well if they want to raise a technical issue why don’t they discuss it in class by asking their profs? Why don’t these idiots ask in their lecture, sir/mam why cant there be plebiscite in XYZ part? These morons simply want to disturb the unity of India. They should not be tolerated. These people feel Yakub Menon was not given fair trial. I don’t find any country in the world where at midnight lawyers knock the door of Judge to stop the execution. These people are so nationalist that for them thousands of people who die in bomb blast are of no use. How many times has JNU protested for those more than 70% people who spend their life in Jail just waiting for their turn to come for trial! Why hasn’t any Kanahiya Kumar or for that matter Arvind Kejriwal protested at Jantar Mantar to bring Judicial reforms. None will do. Kanahiya was asking reservation in private sector! Irony is leading journalist are hailing him as upcoming leader!

Till such parasites exist in India we will never ever fulfil the dream of APJ Abdul Kalam of becoming a first world. Its been more than a decade when I heard about his mission 2020. Such great souls are not part of discourse in JNU. The only difference between those spreading communism and a jihadi is that latter are mostly poor and illiterate. 

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