Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Religious dogma or religion a dogma? (Part-1)

Very often we come across statements like ’religious dogma’. Usually we discard or condemn those dogmas and move on. But have you ever wondered is religion itself a summation of those dogmatic practices? After all the religion and its practices are infallible and you dare not question it or pose a threat to it! Religious institutions are tax free and very powerful.

But ever wondered why religion or religious institution is infallible? If Stephan Hawkins, Lawrence Krauss or Brian Greene can be questioned on their theories then why can’t our religion?
In most of the democratic countries the constitution can be amended. Even after providing so many rights to their citizen still people often feel that the constitution should be amended! But what about religious rules which are there for more than 1000 of years? Take for example in many European countries women were not given right to vote until first half of twentieth century yet now women enjoy many of those right or until 1960s Australia’s indigenous population were protected under the flora and fauna act i.e aborigines were considered at par with animals! In US, until Martin Luther Kings satyagrah black were not allowed to study with white people and were unable to drink water from same filter. It would be unwise to not to mention that when Dr B R Ambedkar returned from US (before our independence), he was appointed as defence secretary to the king of Baroda and unfortunately no one was willing to rent him their house as he was a ‘’dalit’’.

Yet in all the above case democracy and modern ideals of human liberty fought back. We all know that Dr Ambedkar went on to become the first law minister of free India! Now just ask yourself in how many cases a religion has overruled its previous interpretation?

The real meaning of atom is ‘’unbreakable’’. Actually John Dalton thought that it was the smallest particle. We all now know that atom can be divisible and electrons, protons are smaller than atom rather quarks are now considered fundamental particle! (Though string theorist believe that fundamental particle is vibrating string but it is yet to be proved). Yet we still study Dalton’s atomic theory and even the word ‘atom’ has not been altered to ‘tom’! Now imagine had John Dalton told that he had been secretly revealed that atom is smallest particle and anyone not believing it will be punished, how many of us would have believed Dalton?

We respect both Niels Borh and Rutherford atomic model as it was based on genuine observation. But when it comes to two different religions the tolerance level drastically decreases. Religions were the way of interpreting the observerable universe and it needs to be continuously updated. During the second world war there a tribe in an island which considered white people as God and thought that the cargo containing food was the gift brought by God (white people)!

The biggest shams are the smartly dressed people who cherry peak certain stanza from religious books and try to justify it using modern science. We are certainly living in the best world that none of our fore fathers have lived. Two of the famously misquoted persons are Einstein and Nostradamus. Every religious institution love to quote that if Einstein can believe in religion then should not he or she? Is one greater than Einstein? Truth is Einstein was agnostic or more of an atheist. He often used the term ‘God’ to show mystery. He never meant God with absolute power! Nostradamus on the other hand is quoted the moment any major world even occurs. I always wonder why these people never tell it beforehand!!

Are you willing to consume medicine without any trial as it has been secretly revealed to Doctor that it will cure you. If yes, then keep following religion. If no, I need not write further J

(Part-2 of this blog will be on atheism; dharmic and abrahmic religion, it will come tomorrow )