Monday, November 17, 2014

Bitter truth; do it before its too late

When I travel I get awed by the sheer diversity that I see. I literally feel the famous school slogan, ’Unity in diversity’. Yet the city ‘India’ is different from village India and so is small city different from metros. There are unique problems in all the above categories. Many a times it may not overlap. Certainly the ease of life decreases from metros to villages. Nevertheless, the purpose of writing this piece is not romanticise diversity rather it is to find ecosystems where sarkar works and where it doesn’t.

I remember in school days, when there used to be debate competition students were asked to speak either for or against the motion instead of knowing their opinion! Now, if we say our police is not working properly suddenly someone will give some stray example to prove that our police works! The seed sown with for or against the motion debate had had great impact on us! We always try to justify things by quoting exceptions. It is certainly very difficult to start a business in India. The government knows it, so the govt provides solution by giving single window clearance to large scale industry and FDI. The problem still prevails for startups!

There are politicians who can get bail on very serious corruption charges and even after the sentence has been pronounced on the contrary there are people who spend literally their whole life in jail just because of suspicion! These poor fellows don’t have money to hire lawyers and get bail. Just google it you will know the pathetic condition of judiciary yet we find solace in few exceptional cases and claim that we have very good judiciary.

I started the blog by talking about ecosystems that exists in India. If single window can be there for large industrialists and MNCs then, why not for small traders? If military court can decide their cases in  few months why cant our courts? If ISRO can be successful then why do we need to import our guns? Yes its really fully that we import even he clothes for military (clothes used in cold weather). If India can be success model in IT industry then why cant it be in manufacturing? If China can solve its Tibet insurgency issue then why the FUCK we are still ducked in maoist area and NE insurgents or JnK militants? If Bangluru, Hyderabad can be IT hub then what stops Lucknow, Patna, Bhopal from being IT hub?

The solution to all the above problem lies in systematic dismantling of colonial and soviet style sarkari tantra. The government has too much presence in our life. It has to reduce its ambit to pure public good (public good is an economics term). PM Modi’s rhetoric will not attract growth unless he dismantles this colonial and soviet mind-set just like he did it by abolishing planning commission. A mere abolishing of few laws will not do. The nations mandate is not for small reform, it is for drastic change. In Rahul baba’s term we certainly need great escape velocity to move out this den created by his party and his fore- fathers.

Arun Shourie very often says that we (our netas) have a habit of not acknowledging the problem rather we prefer to hide our face like an ostrich. To have better health care, education and good welfare state we need to stop having orgasm in the name of socialism. Its high time to adopt outright capitalism with government acting as an impartial regulator. The state is unable to provide defence goods yet it wastes resources in making condoms ( yes, we have a PSU for it ! . And we discuss in our drawing room that ‘’Saala China bahut aage nikal gya’’ ! We don’t have roads in Arunachal Pradesh border area while China is having bullet train connectivity with its border province!
Today I was reading online ‘’Sydney Herald’’. All Indians went gaga over Modi’s speech ( it was indeed very good) yet on its website the top news was Aus signing free trade with China! My point is nobody gives a shit in Aus or US, they give importance to trade. Rest all is ephemeral. We need major surgery in our system to have a good global presence. We need to end the Babus and lal batti culture. To really know the importance babus I will ask you to visit and small city. There DM is still the mai- baap! Even after 67 years of independence people in that area still feel obliged by the indian administrative service officers and the state civil service officers. Many times police officers and these administrative officers still live in the colonial era affluence and aura!

PM Modi should put a limit on the number of ministers. There are many useless and wasteful ministries. Imagine, we have 250+ PSU and out of this barring few Navratn  and Maharatn PSU most of them are loss making and we have a separate ministry for PSU with huge babus and staffs to look after them! Its like ‘’Ek to karaila upar se neem chadha’’ ! We require not more than 20 ministries. Rest all ministers are rent seeker and blood sucker. Let me give you another example. Why do we need steel ministry? In that case we should have Aluminium Ministry ! We have a separate ministry for Coal and Power! And the twist is more than 50% power comes from coal based power plant! LOL then why the fuck do we need two ministers? Either have one and call him minister of natural resource or else merge Coal ministry with power. There are many many such examples.  Modi will have to really work hard to fulfill make in India dream and trust me if make- in- india fails then our country will face very severe problem in next decade. A jobless youth can do many babri majid act or insurgency problem. The solution lies in empowering the youth by increasing the capability, providing environment for business.

In India we find that neither the health minister nor the health secretary is a doctor!!! WELCOME TO INDIA !!!