Thursday, November 29, 2012


With lot of ‘’ho hallah’’ going on against the Article 66A, a guy has been arrested at an undisclosed location for an undisclosed reason nevertheless as the guy is self-proclaimed dude he asked the media person to not to hash his picture and hide his identity coz he has a very strong feeling that after this incident all his pending friend request with the ‘’beautiful girls’’ will be instantly accepted and he hoped that finally on twitter some real people will start following him unlike now where he was followed by scantily dressed girls with username ‘’yes its me’’ apparently operated by his friend living next to his room.
Well actually the guy has liked the song ‘’pandeyji bajaye seeti’’ and over enthusiastically posted it on fb captioning it as ‘’desh (mai) pandeyji bajye… :D’’ This apparently has hurt the sentiment of Deshpande who happens to be a friend of his friend. Boy oh boy, the social network gonna screw you. But the guy went to twitter and tweeted ‘’Phanste nahi hai koi kand kar ke… #mumbai ;-) ’’ This tweet was considered the most offensive tweet apparently directed towards a particular party and its leaders. Public started discussing his tweet and some of them said that as Pandey are mostly from north so it was a politically motivated tweet with vested interest. Some even equated with the hate equivalent to what Israel has towards Hamas.
Meanwhile on fb no one liked the link as people are becoming over cautious with the recent incident. A guy even made a flat excuse of 66A and stopped clicking ‘’like’’ and commenting on his gf’s favourite pic in which she was looking over enthusiastic with a flower in her left hand and her head being slightly tilted towards left side and probably with a fake smile. In the same pic one of her friend has liked it and commented half-heartedly ‘’dahlin u look stunning! :-) ‘’
In the meantime police has released the guy not before making him a national hero and with a warning that next time beware before you comment future probable Nobel peace prize nominee. The guy gave them a smile deceptively as he knew that even George W Bush was once nominated! A lot of unemployed internet enthusiasts have already booked domains on ‘’godaddy’’ and ‘’bigrock’’ to praise his heroic act. Don’t forget to watch the prime time ‘’tamasha’’ on all the news channel to discuss the issue.

P.S. - Above news is fake and it is written sarcastically. It is pun intended. NO Offence.