Sunday, January 25, 2015

65 Years of Republic!

India is an ancient country, though it became British colony yet Britishers could not use the same yard stick in the sub-continent that they used at their other colonies in Africa. To know the why Europeans created colonies we will need to understand the religious condition during the ‘’dark ages’’ of Europe around 15th century CE. The outcome of dark ages was the beautiful renaissance that formed the base of the modern world. During this era Portuguese, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and British fought their battle for colonies in different part of the worlds. Just to put in perspective I will quote some example how India was a different colony.

Take for example when Spanish people in 15th century (not sure about date) conquered Argentina at that time the indigenous Kings of Argentina for the first time saw ‘’Horse’’. In fact the Spanish were more like God to them! Spanish conquered the Latin – America can spread Christianity. Those Kings didn’t have their own script till the late 15th century! Similarly, when British for the first time conquered Zimbabwe and other central African countries in 18th and 19th century till that time African people were unaware of many modern weapons, scripts, wheel etc. Don’t forget that all these conquests were one of the bloodiest conquests in human history. In USA the whole indigenous population was wiped out so was the case in Australia (Google aborigines and Red Indians). So unlike such countries when British came to India they found a civilization which was no less to them.
Irony is modern world learned democracy from Europe yet many of them follow monarchy while its former ‘colonies’ are democratic and republic! UK has monarchy! If we look at our colonial past then it will be difficult to distinguish between our Kings and British crown. Both equally looted the common people.

Dr. B R Ambedkar and Subhash Chandra Bose are some of the not properly understood leaders. Gandhiji was a great leader but had we followed all his wishes then he would have not been called Mahatma today. He single handily inspired the whole India; there is no doubt on it. But do you know Gandhiji was against Industrialization! Nehru in spite of being an ardent Gandhian refused his ideas! Ambedkar wanted the rights to be guaranteed at the individual level while Gandhiji had a different view on it. Ambedkar not only fought poverty but also rampant discrimination. Imagine yourself in place of Ambedkar and try to imagine how would one feel when we are not allowed to sit in school, not allowed to sit on tonga even though you can afford it, no barber is willing to cut your hair and in spite of having a degree from Columbia Univeristy and a job in the kings darbar nobody is willing to rent you a house! And yet he didn’t leave India rather lived here to frame a constitution that talks of equal rights to every individual.

It was Ambedkar’s effort and his scholarly book on Indian economy that forced the British to led to the formation of RBI in 1935. Many people of the constituent assembly played a key role in framing the Indian constitution. There were many scholars like K.T. Shah, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, B N Rau and many others. Perhaps it was this rainbow of leaders that helped India become a stable democratic republic country while Pakistan could not. The Constitution of India has encompassed the features of many country like Australia, USA (Fundamental rights), UK, Canda and even the good part of Nazi’ s Germany (like the declaration of emergency)! The best part is that it guarantees rights to individuals irrespective of caste, creed or sex.

But sadly one of the biggest propaganda today is the threat on minority. Trust me our founding fathers have made sure that no one becomes Hitler in India. The constitution does not discriminate. I personally feel that the word minority is entirely misplaced in India. India is such a diverse country that a person minority in a particular region is majority in other and vice-versa. The real minorities are the tribal people. Different tribes lives in different pockets of our country and they have their own unique culture and heritage. It is they who need special protection. As far as religion is concerned people should have the freedom to follow, preach and propagate their religion, here it is not required to provide any special privilege to any religion. People of all religion should be at par.

Do you know that we were not allowed to hoist our national flag until 2002? We should all be thankful to the business leader Naveen Jindal (filed a case in 1994) that he fought this battle for us! Now here is a catch, in spite of having a beautiful constitution we have a such a slow and lethargic judicial process that it spoils the whole mood. Can u imagine that it took 7 years for court to decide that we can hoist our national flag? Seriously, we have such a pathetic socialist orgasm that our Govt decides everything for us. It is due to this slow judicial proceedings, inapt police and opaque policies that we face economic slowdown and tend to remain a third world country. It was not until 2010 that Naveen Jindal fought the case so that we can wear our national flag badges on shirts! Yes, the whole flag story took 16 years!!! India is poor only because of its leader’s socialist feeling and disgustingly slow bureaucracy.

Anyway, enjoy the day and at least today try to read something about the freedom fighters, you will enjoy!  HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY!

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